Friday, January 15, 2010

A Tale of a Kampong Boy

Goloque 3 Who would have believed that this rugby player who is also a  government’s scholar used to be beaten up with hockey sticks and spent a night in a jail? Wan Mohamad Afiq, known as Goloque for short, is currently a student in one of the private local college in Malaysia doing AUSMAT program majoring Architecture. He is often being labelled as funny, cheerful and smart and he loves to get involve in rugby to stay fit. Following is the autobiography of him on how he lived his childhood life until who he is now.

When Goloque was only two years old, he was brought up by his grandparents in Pasir Pekan, a village in Kelantan. He was close to his cousins more than anyone else and they treated each other like  Goloque 2brothers and sisters. Part of the activity that he loved doing during that time was to swim in the muddy rivers with them. Even though he had the freedom to do what he wants to do during the leisure time, he still had to obey the curfew to be home before Maghrib time. Ever since he was little he was taught to believe that it was not safe for him to be outside after Maghrib as there are ghosts wandering around and hunting for little kids like him. Dinner will only be served after Isha prayers and that’s how his day ends. He was sent back to his parents only after he turned five, two years before entering primary school.

          In 1998 he enrolled in an all-boys primary school named Sekolah Kebangsaan Sultan Ismail Satu in Kota Bharu, the state capital of Kelantan. Mr. and Mrs. Wan thought education is important in determining their son’s future so they sent him to extra classes in the evening after school as well as during school holidays. He now had less time to hang out with his cousins and spent most of his time at home studying. The effort paid off when six years later Goloque succeeded in achieving all A’s in the examination. He was even being offered to a boarding school and they definitely took the offer. On the 7th of January 2004, he was officially a student in Sekolah Sultan Alam Shah, Putrajaya.

          Goloque’s first impression on ‘boarding school’ was a school dominated by elite people with good disciplinary behavior. What he didn’t know was that not all the students there were how he  expected them to be. On the first few weeks in the new school he1U  was bullied by a group of seniors forcing him to do their laundries and pay their meals. He even got beaten up and kicked with hockey sticks for no reasons until he couldn’t stand straight. Lucky for him for he had friends who gave him supports to not give up. At the end of the year the bullying stopped and he managed to join a rugby team as well as being an athlete. Competition in academics were high but he succeeded in getting all A’s in his national examination when he was 15.
16564_171393602907_579832907_2760991_7829277_n(HARIAN METRO, June 2005)
          He continued to go to the same school for his senior high. During those years he was elected to be a captain of the school rugby team and the president of Peers Club. He was liked by both juniors and peers and popular among the teachers for being fair in  making decisions duringJERKS any demanding situations and being kind. He was also an excellent student in both academic and sports and needless to say, he was an idol to some of the students. But being fair and kind did not stop him from breaking school rules. He once joined his friends for an illegal outing just to dine out or purchase necessary things and almost got caught by the wardens. When he was 17, his friends got into a big fight and he was being brought together to the police station for questioning and stayed overnight in a jail. When some of us will try to erase those memories away to change for the better, he prefers to keep it as sweet memories to be remembered.

           Lucky for him, he got all A’s in his final examination in high school and secured a government’s scholarship to study Architecture in KBU College. Months before the results of the scholarship was announced, he was studying A-levels in a private local college. It PM2was  the first time in his life to study in a class with the opposite sex and the situation was pretty awkward for him to adapt with. What’s worse, his housemates consisted of a group of drug addicts and he shared a room with a culinary arts student who jokingly attacks with a knife whenever someone gets into trouble with him. Goloque was so scared that one day he might be influenced by the addicts or unintentionally being stabbed by his roommate so he decided to move out and find a new place to stay. The scholarship result came out few days before he moved out.

          So as for now he just started his second semester in KBU College. His first semester disappointed him as the results were not  so good so he is determined to do better this semester. He now has 12139_1264048474483_1027879433_825223_4984899_nbetter housemates who are scholars as well and he can now talk to the opposite sex without feeling awkward after being in the previous private college for few months. In the coming year he will be flying to Australia to further his studies and he is hoping that one day he will be a professional in the field of architecture and to make great contributions to his country Malaysia in the future.